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Cindy Witter began 24 Peace to carry on the creativity of her late sister and artist, Linda Studley. Portfolios filled with Linda’s illustrations and Cindy’s unsurpassed giving nature, and the support of family and friends, drive this business forward and out into the community.  


Our motivation is to build a label representing products you can feel good about owning with a focus on product lines that are made from recycled, reusable, organic, and biodegradable materials. Our brand includes comfy, affordable & eco-friendly clothing, stationery, and stylish products.  24 Peace offers good-for-the Earth products that benefit great causes while helping to support unique art from a broad range of artists and offers something for everyone — with a spotlight on personal expression.

We invite you to consider our mission statement:

What would happen if for 24 hours everyone in the world experienced peace? If for 24 hours nobody was killed, bullied, scolded or abused? What would happen if for 24 hours nobody suffered from famine or warfare? What would happen if the world found peace for the 24 hours of one single day?

Can you imagine?

Did you know that a portion of all of our sales goes to charity? We are currently donating to: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, St Jude Children's Research Hospital and The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

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